We teach investopreneurs how to Buy, Build & Sell profitable 5, 6 & 7-figure startups via simple Acquisitions!!

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What's an Investopreneur?

Our team BUILDS, BUYS & SELLS simple, profitable businesses every single day and have built startupXchange to get more folks into the 'acquisition game'.

Honestly, investopreneurship is something just we made up. To us it's another way of saying a bootstrapping entrepreneur who builds for profit-first, often-times taking the approach of 'buying and then building' for acquisition. aka acquisition entrepreneurs.

It is what we call folks building, buying and selling inside our community. The idea is taking the discipline and risk-aversion of an investor and the passion and grit of an entrepreneur & combine them for a "less risky approach to entrepreneurship".

Huh, Sounds Interesting

But WHAT does 'Acquisition Ready' even mean?!

Learn how to find, qualify, structure, finance and integrate deals.

Learning how to become an acquisition entrepreneur through trial and error is almost as painful as learning how to bootstrap a company without having proven strategies that work. Avoid the pain and get into the gain by following our proven blueprints!

Get ready to run a more profitable company.

Being 'acquistion ready' means that you are always ready to be acquired, or do the acquiring. By putting systems into a business to optimize for profitability, you'll be able to demand the best valuation when you are ready to sell. Plus, in the meantime, more profit in your bank!

Learn how to move the meter and master unit economics and CAC.

Mastering your unit economics and identifying your minimal viable value in market is the formula for pure alchemy for a bootstrapping entrepreneur. We can show you how to never rely on raising capital, and build a profitable and sustainable business that cash flows!

Tons of Tools, Blueprints & More

high-impact resources to

teach, train & equip

your journey

we help people like you add an additional 6-figures+ in income & 7-figures+ in net worth by building, buying and selling virtual startups.
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Database Of Targeted Buyers & Sellers

Access a database of over 20k targeted ventures, founders and investors with contact information including email, linkedin, websites, location, age, and more.

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Aggregated & Curated Market of Startups For Sale

Access the ONLY aggregated source of startup listings for sale fully vetted and curated for quality and assurance in the ecosystem. Over 20+ sources included and updated daily!

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Open Up Secure Deal Rooms For Simplicity

Launch secure deal rooms to work through your deal sourcing and closing process from first engagement, LOI, Due Diligence, Escrow to Close & Transfer.

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Buy & Sell Securely With Deal Desk Services

When you are ready to transact, you can optionally chose to take advantage of our deal desk services and get access to legal templates, escrow services, and more.

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Premium Content, Workshops & More!

Access all of the best practices that will help you take your journey to the next level with insider tips, tricks and life hacks that you can put to work for your venture.

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World Class Community Of Like-Minded Practitioners

Join a vibrant community of folks who share your journey's challenges, setbacks and successes & actively learn together in the #1 social learning app for venture professionals.

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Simplify Your Deal Funnel With One Solution

Keep track of all of your prospecting and negotiations from one centralized platform that is easy to use and helps you feel organized and in control of your deal flow.

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Get Support in a 100% Remote Environment

It can be extremely difficult navigating the day to day of WFH in a remote environment and remain juiced, energized and feeling like you are apart of something. We're designed to change that.

How We Help You Win 'The Acquisition Game'

Step 1: Start Simple
Learn How We Do Acquisitions via a Self-Paced Training & Get Comfortable Just Hanging Out in the Community

If you are just getting started on your investopreneur journey, then joining our community and completing our training is the best place to start!

You will learn how we do deals, get access to insider information, connections and capital by completing a self-paced training & certification program with over 20+ hours of content, contracts, templates and more to get you into the 'deal game' fast.

Once you complete the training you can take the deal certification in order to join our deal team as a Venture Partner.

Low Pressure & Low Cost Way To Start (ONLY $99 mo)
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Get Hands-on Experience & do deals along side us!

Step 2: Apprentice
Join Our Acquisition Apprenticeship & Get Hands-On Experience Doing Acquisitions Along Side Our Team as a Venture Scout

Our team literally build, buys and sells simple, profitable businesses every single day. If you are interested in getting hands-on experience yourself, then once you pass certification you can apply to join our deal team.

Let us show you how you can start acquiring 6 & 7 figure virtual businesses from anywhere in the world, with little to no money out of your pocket.

In our buy accelerator we will help you design your investment thesis, identify acquisition targets, build a 100 day plan, get access to capital & we may even CO-INVEST along side you!

Apply to Start an Acquisition Apprenticeship
(it's $2.5k if your curious)
The World's First & Only Acquisition Accelerator

Step 3: Just Do It
Graduate & Continue to Build Your Own Acquisition Portfolio as a Venture Partner Leveraging Our Ecosystem

Ready to consider an acquisition? Work through our 90 day accelerator program and we will help you design your business for maximum value by optimizing your process and profit to make you acquisition ready.

Even if you are not looking to get acquired today -- you ABSOLUTELY should be building as though you are. Our accelerator is designed to make sure you are maximizing the value of your startup & building the right way.

Sorry, Only Venture Scouts Are Eligible

Acquisition Challenge

We will get you to the deal desk in 90 days or less. If we don't then you will will be eligible for a 100% refund with our ZERO risk guarantee.

Feel Prepared

Know What To Do

Let us show you exactly what you will need to do in your business to get yourself acquisition ready in 90 days or less.


ZERO Risk Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the program, then you are eligible for a 100% refund after completion.

Get Money

Raise Capital or Sell

Let us help you to be in a position to either raise capital from investors or sell your startup completely in 90 days or less.

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the #1 side hustle in venture

Become a Venture Scout & Make Money While You Learn

Learn More & Apply Here

Becoming a Venture Scout with startupXchange is the easiest way to open doors and break into a meaningful career path in venture. Learn while you earn and help other investopreneurs on their build, buy and sell journey.

As a Venture Scout you will have the opportunity to learn our proprietary deal process, and even earn commissions that you can reinvest into your own deals if you chose! No money out of your own pocket.

Become a Venture Scout & Get PAID to learn, network and find deals!

it's all pretty straight forward

A simple, yet effective three step process

1. Build or Buy a Startup

You can leverage our Deal Desk to find the right acquisition target for you & complete a safe and secure transaction. Or, follow our blueprints and build a new venture from the ground up!

2. Go from Scale to Sale

Once you are in an asset, scale it up and grow the equitable value by increasing your customer acquisition, improving processes & decreasing your overall operational expenses with help from our community.

3. Sell it and Repeat!

When you are ready to cash out of your asset, leverage our Deal Desk Services (or don't) and experience the glory that is a lean exit from a simple asset. Then go ahead and repeat the process!

case studies

We are trying to #buildinpublic and share our own authentic journey.

Membership Requirements

  • You must be committed to learning how to buy, build and sell a 5, 6 or 7-figure remote business
  • Are willing to contribute and share
  • You're not a vendor or trying to sell something or raise capital from the network

Our No B.S. Guarantee:

If we don't help you get 'acquisition ready' by getting more customers, connections or profit within your first year -- then we will give you your next year 100% free.