Let us show you how to take less risk, make more money & enjoy a better life by buying profitable startups.

join us in deals, learn our process & avoid using any of your own capital.

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Just Imagine

We can show you how to acquire a 7-figure asset that will provide you with an additional  6-figure income.

That you can run from anywhere in the world.

Better yet, we can show you how to do this without any risk & none of your own capital.

On top of it all, we will pay you to experience & learn how to do this while putting our own money at risk.

we see deals like this every single day.

A Less risky Approach to buying companies

Our proprietary deal strategy helps us ONLY buy companies that are already profitable at an AMAZING price.

We call them '
in the money' deals.

Let Us Show You How
Start Acquiring COmpanies Without Capital

Do deals along side us without putting any of your own capital at risk.

Seriously. We can show you how.

Let Us Show You How
Make Money While You Learn The Process

Earn while you learn as a Venture Scout.

Make up to $1k per referral and up to $100k per successful deal closed.

Let Us Show You How
Make Your life easier

We've built a full tech stack to get us the competitive advantage
you deserve.

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Targeted Contacts

Explore the richest database of ecosystem specific leads available on the market today.

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Realtime Deal Aggregator

We are proud to have developed the FIRST curated deal aggregator consolidating 20+ marketplaces.

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Unlimited Deal Rooms

Launch and organize as many active deal rooms as you need to be able to support your pipeline.

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Funnel Optimization

Manage all of your active conversations from one single source of truth with full tracking.

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Best Practices

Access best practices and templates that will support you from prospecting to deal closings.

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Access to Capital

Feel supported with professional services ranging from affordable due diligence to escrow & closing.

Don't Spend $10k+ With The Otherguys...

Unlike our competitors in the market,  we care as much about supporting & growing our ecosystem as we do growing our MRR. We live in this space every single day & eat our own dogfood. We are looking to grow our micro-equity ecosystem by providing competive, quality, affordable products that EVERY investopreneur can afford!

Designed with deliberate intention to foster

Better Collaboration, Accountability and Efficiency as you learn to buy profitable startups.

to GROW your pipeline & close better deals.

The First & Best curated Deal Aggregator

Don't just rely on 1 marketplace, when you can source deals from ALL of them in ONE easy place.

There are a ton of great buy/sell marketplaces out there supporting our ecosystem for sourcing quality startup listings for sale. However, the problem is... there are a TON of great buy/sell marketplaces.

Don't waste your time getting disorganized and confused by having to visit a dozen fragmented sites, and instead, source all of your deals from one simple place with us.

Im ready!


We source and consolidate the best curated startup listings from dozens of the top buy/sell marketplaces so you don't have to.


Single view

Have a single view to be able to sort and sift through all of the sell-side and buy-side listings available to transact.


Quality Only

We review and curate every listing prior to it hitting the deal desk for quality assurance.


Data Sources

Our AI engine combs through over 100 data points to help with predictive insights and valuations. (coming soon)

value for everyone's journey

Whether you are Building, Buying or Selling... there is extreme value for you.


If you are currently building your venture and taking it from scale to sale, then you'll need a database of quality contacts to engage and help you along the way. Tap into other founders, angels and advisors!


We all know that when it comes to buying it is all about the deal. Get the competitive advantage of sourcing deals at scale & keep track of all of your conversations and active LOIs in one convenient place!


We have all heard the old adage "time kills all deals". Well, stop wasting your time and get your deal sold faster with better communication, organization, accountability and tap into our deal desk services to feel supported!


Hear what our amazing customers say

"This has made our entire deal cycle 1000% smoother, simpler and easier for both sides of the table in every one of our transactions. Couldn't picture operating our fund without it at this point."

Matt D

"Prior to getting access to the startupXchange Deal Desk we had to source deal flow from dozens of different sites and would always either miss out on opportunities or conversations. That has all changed."

Nick S
VP of Acquisition
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Become a Venture Scout & Get PAID to learn, network and find deals!