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"A truly supportive environment
where I feel safe asking for the help I need."

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"I've been apart of dozens of other startup communities and this is the first that treated me like an equal."

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"Its cool to either sit down and digest an entire blueprint, or just use a quick template."

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Our No B.S. Guarantee:

If we don't help you get 'acquisition ready' by getting more customers, connections or profit within your first year -- then we will give you your next year 100% free.

A Place For yOu To Belong

Designed to support investopreneurs, like you, on your entire journey to build, buy and sell

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Realtime Connections

Get in touch with people in realtime whenever you feel as though there is something valuable to communicate about.

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Best Practices Blueprints

Don't hit your head against the wall trying to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of step-by-step blueprints that show you what to do, how to do it, when you need it to achieve your WHY.

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Hang Out With Thought Leaders

Come and hang out with thought leaders who have built 7, 8, 9 and even 10 figure businesses in a casual and comfortable environment.

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Get More Customers

We can integrate your product into our core membership offer & help drive hundreds of investopreneurs to you to help grow traction and get product feedback.

Our process

A simple, yet effective three step process

1. Decide to build or buy

You can leverage our Deal Desk to find the right acquisition target for you & complete a safe and secure transaction. Or, follow our blueprints and build a new venture from the ground up!

2. Go from scale to sale

Once you are in an asset, scale it up and grow the equitable value by increasing your customer acquisition, improving processes & decreasing your overall operational expenses with help from our community.

3. Exit and repeat!

When you are ready to cash out of your asset, leverage our Deal Desk Services (or don't) and experience the glory that is a lean exit from a simple asset. Then go ahead and repeat the process!

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This is where you actually belong

Did you know you're already an investopreneur?

If you are someone who has to deal with the real world & real life responsibilities...bills, rent, mortgages, car payments, groceries, etc. etc. etc., but still have the driving passion and burning desire to have ownership in your own assets and leverage them to achieve your ideal lifestyle... and you may or may not have the network, resources, blueprints to 
pursue your dreams without taking on a ton of irresponsible risk... 

aka. your a human being.

Than investopreneurship is likely the approach for you. It is a less risky approach
to entrepreneurship & the methodology we promote and support in our community.

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Don't take unnecessary risks
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Get comfortable being your authentic self
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Build your wealth in a process-driven methodology
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There is a better path forward

Don't take unnecessary risks on your entrepreneurial journey

Tap into a supportive community and a simple methodology that ends up being a less risky approach to entrepreneurship.

As an investopreneur you'll be able to leverage the rational decision making of an investor and tap into the power and passion of a bootstrapping entrepreneur.

Come learn along side other thought leaders who are going through the same exact things as you!

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Not Every Startup Should Raise Money

Get Prepared To Raise Capital The Right Way

Getting to see as many startups as we do, we've come to learn that not every business should raise venture capital. However, if you decided that is the path you'd like to take on your investopreneurial journey, then there are strategies and tactics you can leverage do get yourself fundraising ready & raise on the best terms.

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Raise smart
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Raise right
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Raise on better terms
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Get Yourself Acquisition ready

Earn More Profit & Get The Maximum Value For Your Business

When it comes to building a startup, we promote the concept of systematizing, streamlining and turning your company into an asset that a passive investor would want to acquire. We believe in this approach because in doing so, you are also building a more profitable business that will be more valuable to you in the short-term & demand maximum value in the market place when you are ready to sell.

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Become a Venture Scout & Get PAID to learn, network and find deals!

Earn While you Learn

Get Paid as a Venture Scout

As an investopreneur, networking is literally in your job description.

By becoming a Venture Scout with startupXchange you can get paid while you reach out and building meaningful relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, investors and folks that can help you move your business forward.

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Earn up to 50% commissions
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Build meaningful relationships while delivering value
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Experience a risk-free way of being in the build, buy and sell game
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Reach Your Critical Mass

Acquire More Customers While You Build

After your join our community of investopreneurs, you will have the option to list your product within our tools & discounts network. This will mean you'll be exposed to hundreds to thousands of potential customers that can seamlessly find and adopt your product.

It is like joining a built in customer acquisition machine!

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Take Less Risk, Make More Money & Enjoy Life.

Every new members kicks-off their journey with an investopreneur blueprint that helps indoctrinate you into the mindset and value of getting the most out of our community.

You will then be able to build out a financial plan for yourself and decide whether you will be building or buying before jumping into our scale to sale strategies.

Blueprints to help guide you
getting started

Once you are up and running on your own journey, you can access hundreds of ready-to-use business templates, legal documents and discounts on tools that can save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches.

Templates Tools and Legal Docs
save time and money
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Whenever you feel yourself drifting on your journey,
tap into the community to offer you up the accountability
and support that you need to stick with it and commit towards achieving your end goals and outcomes. Participate in live events and network with thought leaders, or become one. 

Social Accountability
the support to go the distance

Our No B.S. Guarantee:

If we don't help you get 'acquisition ready' by getting more customers, connections or profitable within your first year -- then we will give you your next year 100% free.